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Business Media Services is an independent publisher of books. As such it proudly presents the following book to all people interested in forestry:

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Forestry People and Places:    
Selected Writings from Five Decades

This insightful and readable new book by Professor Dennis Richardson, former director of the New Zealand Forest Research Institute, is a special selection from his many and varied writings. The work includes 72 essays, papers and addresses from five decades of observing changes to the world, its forests and its people. Dennis Richardson delivers acute observations of the roles of forestry in society, the people he has met and the places he has visited. Many of these works have never been published.

Each section is updated with new introductions in which Dennis Richardson delivers acute observations on the roles of forestry in society, the people he has met and the places he has visited.

A prolific traveller, Dennis Richardson has been better placed than many to witness history - in a career spanning the early days of modern forestry practice to the jungle tribes of Irian Jaya, the coral islands of the Pacific and the highways and by-ways of European forestry. An advisor to the Asian Development Bank, Dennis Richardson poses questions to the conventional wisdom of attempting to duplicate a development economy in undeveloped countries. The former director of the world renowned New Zealand Forest Research Institute, Dennis Richardson delivers a broadside at current research trends.

But this is far from being only a scientific tome, as Dennis Richardson’s essays include personal and professional insights into China before and after the Cultural Revolution. Readers will also learn of the history of curry, read about the first Japanese restaurant in the Pacific Islands and other items of food and folklore.
A treasure suitable for a wide range of readers:

  • Forestry specialists and China watchers
  • Environmental and development interests
  • General interest readers
  • A must buy for libraries.

More details are available by downloading the .pdf files attached

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