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Southern Hemisphere Forestry Employment Opportunities.

These pages offer an opportunity for potential employers and employees to match up.
Employment opportunities abound in the Southern Hemisphere forest industries.
Expanding forests require specialists in everything from plant selection to afforestation and forest management.
Expanding wood processing activities require quality technical people.
Labour requirements are going up the tech ladder and education institutions are expanding to cope. Post your employment opportunity here.
Also, with contract work increasing, new opportunities are opening up for fixed-term employment.
Place ads displaying your skills for likely positions.
This is a free introductory offer. Take advantage while the opportunity lasts.
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Employment opportunities




An experienced Argentine university forestry technician is seeking work in New Zealand.   Caroline Soler is currently employed at an ornamental and forest nursery, as Propagation Manager.  Caroline is responsible for seedling and cuttings production, as well as fertilisation programmes, water treatment, substrate election and many other cultural practices related with bare root and container seedlings.  Caroline would like to increase her professional experience working for a nursery in New Zealand.  She is planning to go to New Zealand on March 2002. 
If any companies have any vacancies or are interested in receiving a copy of Caroline's CV, contact: Carolina Soler, Quintana 775- 7600 Mar del Plata, Argentina. Tel/Fax: 54-223-4642000-105, email:



Forestry Marketing Consultant Seeks Opportunities

Peter Meads has over 20 years experience in marketing processed Radiata Pine Products around the Pacific Rim. In addition he has considerable experience in project evaluations in the Forestry Industry. Peter is currently a management consultant based in Auckland undertaking a range of contracts for a variety of clients specialising in maximising market opportunities.

Peter Meads can be contacted as follows,
Address: 9 Summer St, Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone/Fax: +64 9 3784218  Mobile: +64 25 758280



Ownership Opportunity in a small but Profitable Forest Consultancy

My Auckland-area based business is essentially a one-man 'quality' forest consultancy. Presently there is more work than I can manage. I am turning work away.
Further, I want to reduce my work load as I plan a gradual 'retreat' to retirement - possibly over 2 - 5 years. I am unwilling to expand the business by employing staff. But I do see the need for some sort of succession plan.
This might offer an opportunity for a suitable individual to work 'into' the business in some way - with the intention of taking it over in a year or three. Could be a young person. Or a more experienced individual wanting an 'out' from the pressures of a larger institution. Everything considered. Expressions of interest will be welcome.

Garth Cumberland.jpg (30kb) Garth Cumberland
NZIF Registered Forestry Consultant
for Garth Cumberland Forestry IMS Limited
Phone: 64 9 530 8446
Fax: 64 9 530 8442
Post: Rural Post, Manurewa, New Zealand.


Canadian, Ian Grant, is seeking information about obtainingng employment in  reafforestation in New Zealand. He has been in the field since 1988 with experience ranging from tree planter (750,000 trees personally planted) crew boss, tree deliverer, camp cook, brusher, sprayer, surveyor, thinner, slash pile burner and firefighter. Ian's work experience has been in northern Ontario for the most part along with a little BC experience. Although he has done other silvicucltural work he is primarily interested in tree planting in New Zealand as much for the experience as for the employment. Contact Ian at:



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