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Do you...

Want to know more about investing in the forest sector?
Want to know which companies are offering what investment opportunities?
Want to know what resources the companies are growing?
Want to know what their resources will yield?
Want to know how much investments in forestry will return?

Or do you want to know...

which governments are forestry friendly?
which governments control key forestry resources?
how the government run their environmental policies for forestry?
The answers to these questions and much more are provided in specialist forest industry reports prepared by Trade and Media Services to assist in a better understanding of the sector in the Southern Hemisphere.

Below are some examples of what we can provide

Guide to Forestry Investment in Australia and New Zealand.

This first ever guide to forestry investment in Australia and New Zealand is a comprehensive review of the companies and investment opportunities, and risks, posed by the growing plantation forestry sector in these two countries.
Ideal for investors weighing up their options, foresters surveying company developments, analysts wanting a greater understanding of the context of forestry investment, and libraries making such information available to their communities, whether business or public.

The Changing Role of Government and Forestry in the Southern Hemisphere.


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